Masasolo; Just How It Feels! @thisismasasolo #copenhagen #Denmark #easylistening #psychedelia #SpillestedetStengade

LIVE EXPERIENCE: Spillestedet Stengade torsdag 10.11.16

Well I love Tame Impala and easylistening psychedelia in general and the genre seems to be very trendy in Copenhagen nowadays. A good amount of people showed up this Thursday night and the band has gotten a lot of good critics around the world. – C

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Medlemmer: Morten SøgaardJacob HaubjergAnders HaaningMartin Birksteen
Hjemby: Copenhagen

“An easy listening type of psychedelia”. So wrote the American blog Earmilk on Masasolo‘s debut single “Really Thought She Loved Me” when it was released in February. A single that after the release spread quickly to the stranger corners of the Internet and from there it moved fast for the new band. The single reached the top at the Electric Barometer, and with only a single out, they played among others at the Roskilde Festival in 2016th

13466494_1616192718691339_1825235929266018541_nSome have compared their guitar-borne, melodic indie with names like Tame Impala and Mac Demarco, and they also clearly found inspiration in some of the same 70’erbands. With an honest and direct melodic touch, spanning their songs from dreamy love ballads to more up-coming psych rock.

Their debut EP “Break Up” has just been released and it writes:
Soundvenue: 4/6
“The 16 minutes taste but most of all more, and the ep is a textbook example of the fine debut that can be many things, but almost promises even more. Masasolo certainly has as much unfulfilled potential in the sleeve as obvious qualities on top of clothing ”

Sound of Aarhus: 5/6

“It’s an absolute pleasure listening to and going through Breakup city Masasolo – and this will not be the last time for me. You just gotta love these guys – and the music takes its distance from the usual Danish psych pop sound. A debut EP is (almost) never perfect, but this might be, in my opinion, as close as it gets ” – Cecilie Helle 2016



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