Don’t be square! Be There! “Sorte Firkant Musikfestival” #Nørrebro #Copenhagen #Denmark


Held for the first time the.24-26 November 2016 .Venue based music festival in Nørrebro, created in collaboration between the venues StengadeKoncertkirken, Støberiet/Kultur N og Café Sorte Firkant.

Support the local music scene and purchase pre-purchased  ticket here!

PARTOUTBILLET 300kr + gebyr.

ENDAGSBILLET TORSDAG 60kr + gebyr (Sneum Instituttet + Dans Dans (BE))




Don’t you want to experience something unique and different? At “Sorte Firkant Musikfestival” you can experience a wide range of different music “on the go” at four different venues in the heart of Nørrebro. Here is a complete artist list, here you can check out all the band, paying it forward, one person at the time. Because it matters!

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Complete program with time and place

Acorn Falling  DK  – Genre: Electroacoustic, Experimental

Koncertkirken lørdag 26.11 kl: 19:00 – Acorn Falling  

Acorn Falling is a Copenhagen based ensemble formed in 2009 by the multi instrumentalist, composer and producer, Lars Kivig.

Live, the music of Acorn Falling varies from dark experimental, ambient soundscapes into regular modern alternative semi acoustic tracks with vocals and band. Because of the flexible nature of Acorn Falling, the band are playing shows all between ambient solo gigs and full sized band shows. The performance of Acorn Falling is always designed for the nature of the gig, venue or setting.

Birdeatsbaby UK  – Genre: Progressive, Gothic, Rock, Classica

Koncertkirken lørdag kl: 18:00 – Birdeatsbaby

Dark Progressive Rock band from Brighton, UK. “Birdeatsbaby celebrate the strange and obsessive, the freakish and the free-thinking” – The Quietus. Birdeatsbaby are far from your average rock band. Incorporating a varied collection of influences, the band combine piano-lead power-pop with orchestral and melodic rock, resulting in something that sounds hauntingly original and delicate.

Bleach Blondes DK – Genre: Grunge Garage Rock

Stengade lørdag 26.11 kl:20:00 – Bleach Blondes

In just one year, Copenhagen Bleach Blondes managed to make themselves noticed. All the band’s unreleased songs have already had airplay in Denmark, England, Germany and Greece, why the band’s back catalog speaks for itself. The raw sound, the interaction with the music captivating rhythms, distinctive riffs and authentic nerve, the common thread for the band’s expression. In short, Bleach Blondes grunge garage rock.

The Bowdashes DK – Genre: Cyber Western / Dark Folk Wave

Sorte Firkant Cafe lørdag 26.11. kl: 17:00The Bowdashes

The Bowdashes are alternative dark rock / pop that combines heavy beats, surf guitar, auto harp and intense vocals.

The duo consists of Linn Holm and Nana Nørgaard. The two Copenhagen singers has been moving in the world of music, since they were quite young, both together and separately. Since 2009, they spent much time abroad, especially in Paris, where the other name has toured and recorded with include French Nouvelle Vague and American Violent Femmes’ lead vocalist Gordon Gano, and later the German produce in the band Ancient Astronauts.

Bug Chaser DK – Genre: Rock / Punk


Stengade fredag 25.11 kl: 00:00 – Bug Chaser

Bug Chaser is to give up and let go. Void and disillusion. The silent echo. Bug Chaser do not scream to be heard. We scream because screams is all that is left. There is no hope. There is no point. There is no target. Only a hideous, exuding life where we eat each other to feel saturate for a moment. There is nothing.The band: Asbjørn, Felix, Jan & Kasper

Catch The Breeze DK – Genre: Shoegaze / Dreampop / Rock

Stengade Fredag 25.11. kl:23:00 – Catch The Breeze

Catch The Breeze unfolds their songs like an eagle spreading its wings, scouting for prey. Calmly gliding through dreamy soundscapes and taking to riveting hights ever so often with noisy swirling sounds. With Catch The Breeze you’ll get a fresh breath of noisy space-rock. The name covers the singer, songwriter and guitarist Aage Hedensted also known from Mixtune For Cully; bassist Lars Madsen and drummer Andreas Bundgaard. They all have a past in the band Yellowish.

Dans Dans BE – Genre: Instrumental / atmospheric / hypnotic / delicate / wild

Stengade torsdag 24.11 kl: 20:00Sneum Instituttet / Dans Dans

Dans Dans unites the talents of three musicians at the absolute top of their game! Jazz without stuffiness, rock without blinkers and avant-garde without pretentiousness.

Dans Dans is the utterly unique musical collective featuring Bert Dockx (frontman of the acclaimed Flying Horseman), Frederic Jacques (bassist for the great Mark Lanegan and himself a formidable songsmith and singer under the Lyenn moniker) and Steven Cassiers (a sought-after instrumentalist who has collaborated with the likes of Dez Mona and DAAU). Since their debut in 2012, the trio has been astounding listeners with music impossible to pin down in a single genre. Instrumental, atmospheric, hypnotic, delicate and wild: Dans Dans tirelessly construct their own musical universe and time and again demonstrate why they are one of the most intriguing bands currently working in Belgium and far beyond.


Stengade fredag 25.11 kl: 22:00 – Drifter

Drifter is Stockholm-based duo with members who are known from bands like Stiu Nu Stiu, Jeniferever and We Are The Storm.
It will be about monotonous, beautiful melancholy clattering songs in unison.

Dune Messiah DK – Genre: Neofolk

Støberiet fredag 25.11 kl:19:30 – Dune Messiah

Behind Dune Messiah is Magnus Westergaard, a former guitarist of the alternative rock band The Woken Trees. As Dune Messiah he unfolds a harsh neofolk universe that is in tension between the industrial and the organic sound.

Girlie DE – Genre: Post-Punk


Stengade lørdag 26.11. kl: 21:00 – Girlie

Girlie might sound like a grumpy record store owner showing his kindness after a short while. They allow songs to morph from post-pop-xyz-punk to a sprawling guitar mess back to tunefull conclusion. Mixing elements of punk and indie-rock, Girlie has an infectious energy evident in their live show. Their 4 track debut EP displays enough adventuretime already to warrant keeping an eye on these three Berliners.

HEY WAY DK – Genre: Dream-pop / Alternative

Koncertkirken fredag 25.11. kl: 19:00HEY WAY

Hey Way was formed in early 2015 by Søren Corneliussen and Hasse Mydtskov. After several years together in Kissaway Trail, the two friends began to meet with a common desire to explore new aspects of music. In this space, without any self-set limits, the first songs of Hey Way was created. The immediacy behind the songs is inevitable. One minute electronic, the next organic, but always with timeless melodies floating on top of the connective tissue

I WEAR* EXPERIMENT EST – Genre: electro pop / post-rock


Sorte Firkant fredag 25.11. kl: 19:00 – I WEAR* EXPERIMENT EST

I Wear* Experiment is a Nordic electro pop / post-rock band from Tallinn, Estonia.As described by The Baltic Sub “A fascinating electronic sound that often eschews vocals and goes for a cinematic instrumental approach “. I Wear* Experiment was chosen into the “Top 5 Must-See Artists” list by the Estonian media, at the biggest summer festival in the Baltics, the Positivus Festival.

Jacob Faurholt DK – Genre: Space folk


Støberiet lørdag 26.11. kl: 17.30 – Jacob Faurholt

Singer / songwriter Jacob Faurholt cultivate lo-fi sound and alternative songwriting in his various band constellations. Most recently he has under his own name released on spacefolk “Super Glue”, where all tracks written by him and recorded with Brian Batz from Sleep Party People.

Juju Bell DK – Genre: Indie Pop


Sorte Firkant fredag 25.11. kl: 20:00 – Juju Bell

The Copenhagen singer Juju Bell, aka Gerda Odgaard introduces a personal and dreamy sound. The style is set and carried out to the last detail when Juju Bell goes on stage; the universe is dreamy and graceful. The balance between the chaotic and the elegant explored through drums pulsing, the insistent organ and the beautiful, soaring vocals. The sharp beat makes you want to dance and music’s seductive, raw atmosphere leaves references to artists like Lykke Li, an elderly PJ Harvey and Florence + the Machine.

Jørck DK – Genre: Alternative / Dream-pop / Americana

Koncertkirken fredag 25.11. kl: 21:30 – Jørck

Jørck is the synthesis between an idiosyncratic melancholy vocals and atmospheric floating guitar riffs. The Danish duo Trine Jørck and Torben Guldager has since 2011 written, recorded and released a number of songs that structure inner feeling landscapes of musical tableaux with references to
artists like Mazzy Star, Cat Power and Portishead.

Kristian Harting DK – Genre: folky trip hop blues metal universe


Kristian Started as a young man playing in thrash metal bands and later immersed himself in songwriting and alternative noisy pop and formed bands like Berg, Solskær, Tomato and not least Dreamjockey. He has since worked
with musicians such as Mick Grondahl (Jeff Buckley, Beth Orton), Jesper Bo Hansen (Anne Linnet, Ida Gaard) and Jacob Krogholt (Rising, Bjørst) and also to produce as Kim Hyttel (Black Sun, The Sandmen) and Magnus Groth (Black Sol, Kira & The Kindred Spirits).

Lew DK – Genre: electronic / noisy / guitar borne songs

Koncertkirken fredag 25.11. kl: 20:00 – Lew

LEW has crackling dark landscapes of noise and guitar-borne songs in a hybrid of songwriting and expressive art rock. LEW is singer and guitarist Sara Lewis. She delivers intuitive sensual vocal and guitar bursts that envelops you in peace melancholy and intoxication.

Little Children SE – Genre: Indie

Stengade fredag 25.11. kl: 21:00 – Little children

Except the frontman Linus Lutti the band Little Children is built around a strong collective of music geniuses as Mattias Gustavsson (Dungen), Lars Skoglund (Lykke Li), Petter Granberg (Mattias Alkberg, Amanda Bergman) and Andreas Söderström (ASS).
Oktober 21th he’s releasing the new album ’f.f’.

During the writing process of the new material Linus has been strongly influenced by Bryan Adams and the band Suicide, though it’s still the nerve and the corkiness that defines his songs. This new combination has created a more energetic and powerful sound. In the studio Linus actively searched for a more electronic and orchestrated sound adapted to playing live, the place where the music of Little Children truly comes to life.

Mad To Be Saved IT/LT/PT/DK – Genre: shoegaze dreampop alternative rock lo-fi

Stengade freadag 25.11. kl: 20:00 – Mad To Be Saved

Mad To Be Saved is a musical project conceived in Copenhagen in the summer of 2014 by Salvatore Rizza. Heavily influenced by 80’s shoegaze and early 90’s alternative rock, the project displays a combination of aggressivity, melancholy, and sweetness, by having noisy and fuzzy guitar timbres stand in contrast to pop melodies and elegant lyrics. The group released their self-titled debut in November 2014. Started as a one-man band, in 2016 became a 4 member bands and is currently working on their follow-up which is due summer 2016.

Maria Viskonti DK – Genre: rock / pop / folk / country / alternativ

Støberiet Fredag 25.11. kl: 18:30 – Maria Viskonti

Maria Viskonti with her both fragile and powerful voice is one of the most unique vocal artists out of Denmark. The music is characterized by her inspirations in the sixties and seventies rock and folk scene.
She started out at 16 years and has kept evolving since. She is now 26 and has two full albums and an EP out. All with own material.

Mavi Express DK – Genre: Mavi rock


Sorte Firkant lørdag 26.11. kl: 18:00 – Mavi Express

Mavi Express is a trio project, which combines dreamy compositions with heavier psychedelic explorations. With the set of violin, bouzouki and guitar Mavi Express engages in unorthodox song structures and progressions, while still genuinely centering on the melody and harmonics.

Men without hats CAN – Genre: New Wave

Stengade lørdag 26.11 kl:00:00 – Men without hats

Although Love In The Age of War is Men Without Hats’ first full-length release in 21 years, all eleven tracks on the album hearken back to the early 1980s. Those were the days when the band’s unique electronic sound, illustrated best by 1983 hit song and universally iconic anthem, “The Safety Dance,” first launched Men Without Hats onto the global pop music scene. Men Without Hats’ latest studio album, Love In The Age of War, was released in May 2012 to the widespread acclaim of critics and the universal enthusiasm of fans.

My Beloved DK – Genre: Post Rock / Instrumental Music Noir

Koncertkirken lørdag 26.11. kl: 21:30 – My Beloved

My beloved are playing magnificent capturing instrumental music noir that in basis consist of guitar, synths, piano, drums and bass. The music is a mood creating and emotional maelstrom that with storming crescendoes and beautiful passages creates a lively and organic feeling of existence and will. The experimenting sound-surfaces clarify the presence of the art and especially of the passion, and the use of noise makes MY BELOVED appear as a totally unique band, which with new thinking and in a different way produce yet another fearless album. Yet an atmospheric journey in time and mood.

Live, MY BELOVED shows their true strength. With great performance and energy they drag the audience deep into their universe and leave non behind. MY BELOVED is a live band. An artwork where the magic is created in the moment and where the listener becomes a part of the work.

Oldseed CAN – Genre: Folk

Støberiet lørdag 26.11. kl: 19:30 – Oldseed

Craig Bjerring, aka oldseed, creates an outright attack on the general blandness that dominates a world of overrated songwriters. His performances emphasize his sincere, zero-bullshit approach that shines from the musical treasures that are oldseed. His words are personal, haunting and reveal the emotional underpinnings that are woven into his compositions, which often seem soft as a lily in the beginning, only to eventually burst into a beautiful tantrum. This climax is always moving, often unsettling and essentially conceived songwriter craftsmanship at its best. If you believe that we live in sad times when it comes to folk music and the craft of songwriting, that the cheesy and pretentious have taken over and that their dull, lifeless and ugly sound will prevail, you might want think again. listen to songs that could change this notion, they may even change your life. listen to oldseed.

Own Road DK – Genre: Folk / Experimental

Støberiet lørdag 26.11. kl: 18:30 – Own Road

Own Road is Simon Skjødt Jensen’s one-man project. Based in Copenhagen Skjødt Jensen’s music exists in a twilight space between American folk music, singer-songwriter and a nuanced psychedelica. Through the use of looping vocal effects, guitar, ukulele and more exotic instruments Skjødt Jensen’s compositions move effortlessly between anxiety, melodic beauty and otherworldly abandon. Own Road is music at once archaically familiar and utterly contemporary. His eponymous debut recording was released November 2010 to great critical acclaim. And now a new album Space In Your Time is out.

Penny Police DK – Genre: alternative singer/songwriter

Koncertkirken fredag 25.11. kl: 18:00 – Penny Police

She is a nice girl and a stubborn eccentric. A songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve. Penny Police crafts quirky pop songs using the piano and autoharp. Despite taking cautious steps into her musical career, she has already been widely lauded both for her debut album, EP’s and live concerts. From the very beginning, Penny Police has made her mark as one of the most distinct songwriters in Denmark with her eccentric pretty-girl-pop and personal mix of poetic folk and ambient pop music. She has played festivals like Iceland Airwaves Festival and Malmö Festival and twice been nominated as ‘Best Danish Female Artist’ by the music magazine Gaffa. Performing at the Danish showcase SPOT Festival in 2014, English Kieron Tyler from MOJO Magazine said: “Penny Police is way ahead in the way she thinks of music”.

Rome In Reverse IT/DK – Genre: electro / chill / ambient / trip-hop

Stengade lørdag 26.11. kl: 01:30 – Rome In Reverse

Copenhagen is a city that hides many stimuli, but few are able to understand how to take advantage of them: this has happened to Rome In Reverse, the project of Antonella Pacifico, , who has found herself sucked into this situation so tied to tradition but at the same time marked with future scenarios. Dance music, techno, dub and trip hop are the foundation of Rome In Reverse, and her album “Loop And Reverse” is a mix of these influences.
Although dance music loops are the foundation, Rome in Reverse try not to make boring, conventional songs: she is so enriched by the voice of Antonella that, with the support of sounds and features, tracks become dynamic and harmonious. Rome In Reverse hide fragments, like the constant beat and upbeat, reverbs and delays. Rome In Reverse loves visual art and minimal projections during concerts, that they get a shape. Music with visuals define the mood.

Slow Steve DK – Genre: Indie Pop 

Stengade lørdag 26.11. kl: 23:00 – Slow Steve

Are you ready for a bewitching pop adventure? Morr Music has just released Slow Steve’s Adventures, the debut album by Ex-Fenster member Rémi Letournelle (May 6th). Following a 7″ split single on Berlin DIY label Späti Palace and Steps, a six-track EP released on Morr Music last year, Adventures is the first LP of the French man. His bubbling vintage synths (together with an impressive variety of instruments) will take you on a strange trip through imagined galaxies and secret deep-sea worlds. Call it weird, but this is amateur pop in all its glory, and the most natural outlet for Slow Steve. Think of Ariel Pink, John Maus, early Future Islands, old Krautrock luminaries or Arthur Russell.

Sneum Instituttet DK – Genre: Artist Talk og Koncert


Stengade torsdag 24.11. kl: 20:00 – Sneum Instituttet & Dans Dans

Sneum INSTITUTE These are “words and music”: About “Artist Talk and Concert”. Since the former Storage Manager Jan Sneum checked out after 40 years in the Public Service appeared a book up during relocation. A book in A4 format in a few hundred pages. Any empty. Except first line on page 1. As young he wrote: “I will keep your ears stiff”. It could be the start of a series of memories, but is probably rather a guide as to how to continue to be crazy about music and the stories around. Mainstream makes slack and the ears should be kept upright to be music with an edge to. In Sneum INSTITUTE work to keep the ears curious and open. In music and speech. Even if the hearing had weakened.
Moreover, Sneum INSTITUTE a subdivision of any faculty that is about MUSIC!

SPEED DEVILS DK – Genre: Rockabilly / Rock


Støberiet fredag 25.11. kl: 17:30 – Speed Devils

This is the story of two childhood friends – Stefan Pasborg and Thomas Bang – which met again in 2015 after not having played together for 20 years.
They chose to go into the studio and record a duo-tribute to their common major childhood hero – Elvis Presley – based on energy and Rockabilly sound from the 50s. Thomas on guitar / vocals and Stefan on drums! A new project was born.

BUT, the two men chose to take the next step and invite one of the best tangent masters in order to boost the music an extra notch, to get that extra stone on!

Stefan Pasborg has over the last 10 years been one of the most successful instrumentalists in Denmark, and has successfully performed all over the globe with my own orchestras, Ibrahim Electric, Odessa 5, Firebirds etc. etc … .Spiller also with Carsten Dahl, Annisette, Palle Mikkelborg, Alex Riel, Ray Anderson, Tomasz Stanko … to name just a few.

Thomas Bang has for years been one of the most talented blues guitarists in Denmark until he chose to use his talents in another industry. Now he’s back by live music.

Adi Zukanović is probably currently THE most used keyboardist in the country. He plays include by Oh Land, Bisse, Nikolaj Nørlund just to name a few.

This trio plays its DEBUT CONCERT at The Black Square Festival.

TOTAL HEELS DK – Genre: Punk / Rock


Stengade lørdag 26.11. kl: 22:00 – Total Heels

A cross atlantic, punk / rock n roll project consisting of bla. Jason Orlovich (Polite Sleeper) and Jacob Ankær (Rising, Anchor Less, ex -Lack, ex – The Fashion)

Starting in the early 70s punk and Americana puts Total Heels up the icons like Jello Biafra and The Stoogies but still manage to break through in their own way.

TUHAF DK/TUR – Genre: classic anadolu rock 


Støberiet lørdag 26.11. kl: 20:30 – Tuhaf

Turkish laments from the sixties and seventies.
Raw wool.
One can stand still it.
But it will ik.

Ya o uzaya gidilecek.

Turkish anadolu acid by artists like Selda Bagcan, Erkin Koray, Nilüfer etc.

YOUNOLOVEBUNNY DK – Genre: Lofi grunge pop

Støberiet fredag 25.11. kl: 20:30 – Younolovebunny

Younolovebunny (aka. Claus Frølich) is probably Denmark’s most prolific songwriter – the best K Records spirit. He has recorded about 1,000 songs since 2003. His universe is clattering, fragile and popped. Added grunge elements. The music draws references to names like Daniel Johnston, The Vaselines, Scout Niblett, The Breeders, Elliott Smith and the major. Live acts Younolovebunny as a band.

Cecilie Helle 2016 – – Thank you for sharing!


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