Headsman is loose, “Vikingblod” washes up Førde beach! #Norway #Førde #Rock

Genre: Norwegian Rock    From: Førde, Norway   Latest release: Album Neste Skritt – 2014

Well I stumbled over this rock band from a small costal town, Forde in Norway. I’ve gave their latest album a couple spins, easygoing rock with norwegian lyrics. Dig in if you want to check out some music you wouldn’t fund elsewhere.

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Viking Blood was started at an afterparty in 1992. Members was then Jan Erik “Jeppe” Jeppesen (vocals), Jan Otto “Dr. Kill Drum” Hovden (drums) Halvard H Lunde (bass) and Stian Dolve (guitar).


In 1993 we released the CD “Bøddel”, recorded in the 70 hours in Frogner Audio in Oslo. Memorable gig’s were Gitargiff Forde, Garage in Bergen and Morilden Floro.

In 1994 Halvard replaced by Tommy Skudal on bass. He joined for a short period of time before Viking blood for various reasons was dissolved. It was talked about a reunion already in 2004, but it didn’t happen instead, we take it in conjunction with Jan Otto’s 40th birthday on November 21 at Shamrock. 15 years after we dissolved.Unfortunately not with our original singer, but the frontman from the Floro band Punch, Jan Kjetil Club, has stepped in and does a fabulous job!


Ein dokumentarfilmmusikkvideo bygd på låten “Heim” av Vikingblod. Filmatisert av Truls Kleiven. Bearbeidd av Lol’s Stuff Ltd. Filmen tek føre seg kjenslespekteret ein kan ha i det ein vil ein stad og ender opp bak ein bubil. Videoen sleppast i anledning vikingblod sin “Grand old man” Jan Otto Hovden sin 45 årsdag 21. November 2014.

The album “Bøddel” was released in 1993, I can’t find it online digital, but can be bought from here at a very special price.Skærmbillede 2016-11-08 kl. 21.34.18.png

vikingblod_8_nett__2918852aVikingblod på 90-talet. Stian Dolve, Jan Erik Jeppesen, Jan Otto Hovden og Halvard H. Lunde.


photo: unknown

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