Live Experiences: Who killed Bruce Lee? (Lib/Ger) @WKBLband #SpillestedetStengade #Copenhagen


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Moving from a little place(Aalesund) to a big city can blow your mind, I’m gonna post about live music experiences i have here in Copenhagen. First out is the band “Who killed Bruce Lee?” guess they’re from Libya/Germany. Not much info to find about them online, but they got a great homepage.

Location: The venue Spillestedet Stengade, Copenhagen Denmark.
Audience: about 30 people
Vibe: good
Genre: Rock with elements of pop and electronica


They gave it all even though the crowed was about 30 people, but the vibe was god and the audience played along and actually a girl was knocked over and think maybe se got a blue eye, she got a bag of ice to cool it down. Cosy guys playing catchy rock, pop, at one point the guy on keys started rapping hipp hopp, the front figure flirted with little crowed there, they deserved a larger crowd. 14702490_10154682093120625_1254534088213512082_n,,


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