Chase your blues away with Bad Boy Reggae man #BBRM #Norway #UK

Well everybody need some good vibes when a bad day comes along, I should know! These guys are partly from Norway working on their album, tip from a friend that loves music. Have a nice weekend, I’m going to work soon, got a gig tomorrow in Vatne, my roots acuallty derives from that place. Support #BBRM by following their sosial media! Yours truly Dj Crazy C

Bad Boy Reggae Man


Click and follow their sosial media!


When producer duo KïM met up with Uk Mc Bunzi D. Bad Boy Reggae was formed. currently working on their debut album “Chasing my first high” the band consists of:

Lezlie-Jon MacCarthy
Kim Modalsli
Kim Caballa
Brage Rognslien
With live band:
Adrian Du Monceau
Vincent Velur
Espen Fladmoe Wolmer

source:, BBRM them self,

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