Unpolished punk rock straight from the streets of LA ~Kittenhead @KittenheadLa @KiviKittenhead

Have seen this band’s vocalist on Twitter a while, but took me a while to check out their music, talked with vocalist Kivi Neimi yesterday them has released album in 2014 and a single in 2015 and actually they have relatives in Northern Norway, possible they can manage to get over Altlantic sea to Norway in the near future! My favorite song is Tinman. Show your support by following their sosial media. Cheers and happy weeekend. Love Dj Crazy Cecilie


Kittenhead is a Los Angeles-based rock band united in their desire to create high-energy rock and roll. From the first magical moment of working on a couple of obscure covers, it became apparent to all that their diverse musical styles and background came together with a spirit of symbiosis and musicianship. Each member of Kittenhead is an accomplished musician and songwriter, all with touring and stage experience.


10349211_867112163332209_3872593565391972913_nThe first two Kittenhead shows were in September 2012 in Portland, OR and headlining at the world famous Comet in Seattle, WA. Subsequent shows included the Roxy in Hollywood, CA, the Worldfamous Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA and Shea’s Tavern in Reno, NV. The band has already experienced an exponential growth and a major jump to become a top 100 (#77, as of 01/12/2013) ranking in Reverbnation.com and increasing their Facebook “likes” by 50% week over week in December 2012 and January 2013. Fans are posting positive feedback quickly on the band’s Facebook page and have already received high praise by Los Angeles Music magazine,TheLosAngelesBeat.com, calling Kittenhead “high energy rock”, “exciting”, and recommending to readers to “go see Kittenhead”.


    • No problem love finding good underground music \m/ I wanna go to USA and play, We must certainly seek support, five people to the United States is expensive, but is possible. But no point to build castles in the air, we must certainly book concerts before one can apply for funding, exists diverse music funds in Norway, maybe it’s possible to do a cultural exchange with another band like you guys, split gigs or something, I’ll think about it. We will most likely release albums next year, new EP now by 2015, Cheers!


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