Kerchief is Dutch and French for bandana, reckon it’s random name. I heard these here first time a late night, rather the night this week. So I really like some easy listening pop and I like the voice of Brittany Hill, delicious simple fill in guitar. Immediately liked the song: Milk & Honey and checked out the rest. These are signed, but being signed does not necessarily mean something for an artist. I know of many who have signed with the label, and nothing happens, you have to actually do a lot of work yourself if you want to reach out to the world. Enjoy and follow their sosial media.

Love Dj Crazy C

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With a well-bred attitude brimming with substance, both musically and lyrically,Kerchief is a welcome departure from what a listener might commonly find from a “twenty-something” female artist on today’s Top 40. Kerchief (born Brittany Hill) hails from Ohio, but currently lives in Tennessee, brings a middle America sentimentality and work ethic to her most recent meticulous recording work with producer Matty Amendola.

 11694894_606929526116460_6696472006688285698_nAfter calling it quits with her band of seven years, Vanity Theft (Vigilante Music/Adamant Records) Hill’s main focus was writing; Towing  inspiration from the journey that has led her to where she is today.  With five releases, two acclaimed web shows, and worldwide touring history with Hunter Valentine,Taking Back Sunday, and Sick Of Sarah, going solo was a cathartic experience that traced illustrations of what she was going through at that time.

 “This debut solo album is a chance to connect with all those working so hard to make 11745423_613922428750503_2269173711530399048_nends meet and make sense of life, and to remind them to cherish the moment,” said Hill. “One day you’ll look back and remember what it was like to want to work so hard for something you believed in, and you’ll wish you were back there – facing the unknown, but doing your best.”

Throughout the debut record, Hill is commanding attention, asserting herself with the confidence that she needs to be heard.  Listeners will not take long the answer the call.

“Machines & Animals” offers tracks that expertly weave Hill’s smooth voice with the edge of her songwriting and lyrics.  Guitar riffs bite into bass lines that ebb and flow with emotional vocals, taking inspiration from a personal journey.  Heavy drum beats and layered guitars articulate the feelings behind stories of the pursuit of finding purpose in life’s daily struggles, reflecting an evident influence from ‘90s alternative rock.


“From the writing process to pre-production, to the recording process with producer Matty Amendola, to the finished product, I feel that the songs became fully realized,” said Hill.  “I never had to bite my tongue. The songs were written from a raw emotional place, experimented with in the studio and brought to their full potential with Matty in Brooklyn, NY. This is the best thing I’ve done to date.”

Amendola knew working with Kerchief would be a perfect fit as soon as he heard her demos. Working closely with engineer and Grammy Award winner Butch Jones, he created a sound that would bring Kerchief’s debut album to life.


 “What separates this record from the other indie rock out there, is that the songs themselves come first,” said Amendola.  “It’s a rare quality to find an artist who’s a real straight shooter and puts so much of her soul into her lyrics, while keeping everything simple and relatable.  You feel like Kerchief is singing about your life or your own deep thoughts. She’s a master of that side of the craft.”

After recording with producer Matty Amendola, he brought the full team on board from his music incubator 825 Records and signed Kerchief to an artist development and distribution deal.  The first single “Milk & Honey” was released on March 24th 2015 and was followed by indie reviews world-wide, CMJ radio playlists, regional TV airplay, and a succesful 12+ city Summer tour.


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