How to fight side by side of scam artists and fake promotion crew?

After 10 months in promoting world I wish I could give you the ultimate answer if nothing else I can share some experiences. I have gone in the scam trap online? Sorry to say YES!

Social media is a new advertising channel that is on the way up, so I threw myself on the train. I noticed quickly that Twitter standout, as I now have 43,000 followers on 4 accounts. I cIts-Behind-Me1reated several accounts in case I should be hacked, and indeed multiple accounts have been hacked during the year, but no one of mine, puh. f you get hacked, you lose your nick and all your following, very time consuming to build a fanbase.

Scammers sneak up on you, contact-seeking, I have experienced that people have talked to me every day for 5 months through social media, talked about land and sea. Of course they love your music, your voice, your behavior and really everything that has to do with you. Certainly, they have been inspired by you as well, happy to to create a necklace of you. Superb right? When they come close to you as a person things start to happen! A serious illness can suddenly occur, it is chronic pain and hopeless medical conditions, targeting your sympathy!scm

At follow-up, there are thousands of apps. Certainly free, but if you want to bring functional services must actually pay. You can not really know which ones are good or bad, I’ve ended up using 4-5 apps. b4755b1c0a8d01ed08fa310c493f5f31_400x400

It was in conjunction with the purchase of an app that I was fooled. I purchased a service and paid by card. 2 days later was my bank account emptied, someone had bought goods in the United States. It worked out and I got my money back by Visa.

During the 10 months I have not met a promoter who can do a better job than myself, I see that several people offer paid services that only carries a fraction of what I do daily self! ridiculous!

The only thing you can do is trust no one! I see fake people everyday so I just had to let this of my chest! Love Cecilie


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