Part Three ~ How far can we see? ~ Follow me @PoleOfficial

Ok we are in the midst of a cold summer and it’s time to focus on Part Three which we plan to release this autumn. In fact we have a finished mixed song by Beau Hill in our sleeve, but awaiting some with release on that one.  Strange that you should use unimaginable a lot of time recording, writing songs, we shall collect staggering sums to create a good production, then we will give away our music for free, keep on rocking in a free world huh?

You can get a small eavesdrop on Beau Hill’s website, cool huh?

Check out the new projects of Beau Hill

Listen to Cage mix by Beau Hill – Pole Position

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have been played 11 times on Norway’s largest radio station NRK

Check out the program with theme Beau Hill’s older projects and new projects and more.


I’m feeling great by the way! Love you guys, keep on rocking!

~ Cecilie ~


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