No the sun does not always shine on TV, just like me!

You use unimaginable hours of practicing, writing lyrics and music, overusing all leisure that is obtainable to Promote your music, one of the biggest producer in the world finds you, you pay a lot of money too get the job done and people expect us to giveaway our music? Who’s Greedy?

Hooray! Great birthday I had yesterday, feel damn young anyway and I made it yeah! I survived  a hole another year, thank you mother earth.

Still going strong with Pole Position, been no. 1 on the #MetalChart #Norway Since Christmas 2014 and no. 1 on #NorwayChart #AllGenre since early mars, thank you for keeping us in the league. Paying it forward one person at the time.

We have now received mastered version of the Beau Hill mix, surreal feeling! What to say? I’m no sound expert, but I hear a difference indeed! Not much but I get the picture, if you want to be compared with the major you must also deliver top quality sound. Guess this Hill mix would be great on radio, have not quite found out what to do with it yet, people will pay to hear it?

We are invited to tour the United States, we need to have a work permit, visum, travel money, support issues, media, breathe deeply, only hard work pays off! It’s all about “Stand Up For What You Believe In” Sacred Souls tour and #Rock4Causes like #Rock4Autism I will post about this Stand Up Tour and Wikked Chick radio this weekend.

I can really feel the pressure, eyes looking on you, things typewritten in the newspaper That Differ from reality, 24/7 promo, allways showing a happy face and building my network. Proud of our first brick That happens to be: Beau Hill

Listen to CAGE before Beau Hill’s work on it! Update soon.

Beautifull picture of Passion 4 Photo By Fredrik Lübbe #Aalesund #Norway

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