LP was parked on his sickbed, but DEATH did not come!

Record fair / Platemesse på Fjelstova Ørskogfjellet lørdag 25.04 og søndag 26.04 Kl: 12-17. Nobody who can see what digital sound is, but everyone can understand that groove and sound belong together on a vinyl record. I remember sneaking into my sisters room, she had a record player and the record “Woodpeckers from Space” This was a tune by the euro disco/Italo disco duro Video Kids from The Netherlands. This was my first meting with vinyl, it was very exciting because if I was discovered my sister would beat me up! She was mean!

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I love the experience of having to flip the record and I love the way vinyl sounds to me. There are many vinyl enthusiasts in Alesund, one of them at is “Jukebox” Record Store in Alesund City, check it out! Rough Trade, Steinar Remme Record collection also appears in my head when I think of vinyl in Aalesund.

Large increase in sales and interest in vinyl records makes the British The Charts Company launches a hitliste 18.04.15 for LPs, but there is no plan for a hitlist for vinyl in Norway: Quote Marte Thorsby, chairman IFPI Norway NRK.

Vinyl record, or LP, appeared in 1948 as the technological successor to 78-plate. Stein Kaka, like many called it.

In 1980 the CD came on the market, ushering in the digital age. A huge improvement, many thought. When LP sales plummeted, increased CD sales over many years.

LP was parked on his sickbed, but death did not come.

Directions to Fjellstova

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