You can open up the world by syncing your social media

The key is sosial sync, you need to be where your potensial fans are, wich means everywhere, if you are a serious musician make your music available worldwide with easy access. I said it before and I’ll tell you again: YOU NEED ALL OF THESE!

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Everyone expects to find your music here without exception:

Spotify – TIDAL – YOUTUBE – ITUNES – Soundcloud

You need a music platform, all or at Least one of These:

ReverbNation + CdBaby + Bandcamp 

Every time I listen to music via ReverbNation I follow and share, a lot of people don’t have Twitter accounts, let’s say I share their music 5 times a week for 3 months, the band will never now or collect fans, if you’re not pressent what happens? A lot of my friends on Facebook with bands don’t even know they got fans on Twitter, what are they waiting for?

To collect fans and share your music + video + pictures You need all of these:

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Tumlr – Flickr 

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