Norse Super Band – Catchy killer melodies served from the cliff of the raging sea

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of me, but as usual I manage to catch up. I’m proud to say this is another killer band recorded in my hometown Aalesund, Norway, been listening to them for a couple days now and the more I listen, the more I like them.

There is a dark undertone in the songs, but catchy ref. takes you to new heights, my favorite is from the first EP “Raising Anchor” from 2013, track 4 – The Great Panjandrum, lovely track. I also crave “Art of Rolling” from their second release “Pistons Pumping” 2014. Relesed Single 22. may  2015 Space ShuttleCheck it out! ENJOY \m/


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Norse Super Band was formed in 2010 as a groove based jam, with 3 guys who just wanted to play loud. The band started writing songs after picking lines and riffs from 2 hour long jams and putting them into systems. After 2 years NSB entered Maksofon studio in Ålesund, Norway and recorded 10 tracks. 2013 “Raising Anchor” and 2014 “Pistons Pumping”

Lars F. Nerland- Drums
Tommy Hasfjord- Bass
Rune Stavnesli – Vox
Isaac Khan – Guitar
Yngve ” The Bone” Kvalø – Guitar

NRK PYRO v/ Totto Mjelde

Ålesund er den byen i Norge som virkelig har overrasker med å produsere masse god rock og metal for tiden. Vi har vært innom flere band i radioprogrammet og her om dagen fikk vi tips om videoen til Norse Super Band. NSB, get it? God rock, simpelthen. Hentet fra en ep som heter Pistons Pumping (også det navnet litt jernbane-aktig..).

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