You keep dragging me down as I reach for the crown, find me a way, I’m left behind!

Thoughts of the day; local paper & music community in Aalesund. To include, inspires

A local music scene needs a manager who is engaged in the local music community, someone who inspire everyone to be creative and make more music with character. Not someone who muzzle and gag you and when the local newspaper chooses to write an entire page about the renovation work and presumed perceptions rather than covering a festival with international artists in the local community, I’ll tell you the truth, They do not give a damn about cultural diversity!

No news, just needed to get it out!

Anyway I’m not sipping I’m just sharing my thoughts, who wants a commercial upperclass place anyway? Sure I can deal with dark smelly places a couple of decades more at least they got soul.

Hey, you, the Rock Steady Crew – Show what you do, make a break, make a move.


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