#Nandha is the new power trio born at the foot of the Alps!

I think I can call myself the Indie Queen, constantly checking out other people’s tunes, cause then they may check out my music too. I listen a lot and there is a lot of crap floating around. These guys fell right into my heart, southern rock blues from Aosta, Italy.

I go to paragliding course these days wonder why I suddenly got drawn against  these guys living in a place with Europe’s highest mountain, the Alps. Let’s go – Falling…

Love Cecilie, please follow, listen and share! 

Nandha Blues Band

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Nandha Blues Band is the new power trio born at the foot of the Alps, namely in the capital of Valle d’Aosta following the meeting of musicians who share a love for the blues and in particular for the formation of three referring to the sound and spirit of great bands such as Cream of Clapton and the latest Gov’t Mule of the first album.

Aosta is a magical place surrounded by the highest mountains in Europe and is by them that the band takes the energy they deliver live. The guitarist Max Arrigo is joined by the drummer Giulio Danieli and Barbe on bass, rhythm section of steel that can transform every composition in an imaginary journey along roads south of the States by reaching the highest peaks.




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