Sun-drenched garage rock from the heat-strokin’ streets of Miami

Sunghosts sound like backflips, love, explosions, lasers, bar fights, and good times.

Internet is huge and there are endless with music that is online, demo days are over when you first post something today it’s final, nobody uses demo anymore.

I’ve worn out three sets of earbuds since Christmas, I listen to Indie music at least an hour every day, there is a good mix of good quality, poor live recordings and less bad productions online.

I listen for my special personal taste which is pretty open minded. I like what I like regardless of genre. When a band or an artist inspires me, I share the music quite intensively when I first come across it, names go by and sometimes I forget the name of the music, frustrating sometimes nothing seems to get to me, it’s strange when it does, because you just feel it. Blood pumping and thoughs floathing away, when a good tune hits your ear, you just wanna play it over and over again and again.

When a song gives me a sense, I am inspired. I don’t like all genres, but I can sense the difference in quality, good production and less inferior productions. I often choose mood and groove above technical skills, it’s just like you can feel the music and the energy.

My blogname, PERFECT TUNE is really a irony of my taste, because good taste is the worst that can happen a creative person. None or nothing is perfect, you can feel good music.

I found these charming boys online, great homepage, social sync and Most Important, I love their music, they’ve released an EP 1.6.14 Phosphenes. Check out more below.


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This band came together because we each have a deep passion for playing music and the positive energy that we create together on stage and in the studio is something we want to spread to the world. We all grew up listening to songs that hold such strong meaning in our lives. We want to write songs that will pump people up with confidence for a big opportunity, songs that will give people a shoulder to cry on, songs to sing together with friends while driving in their cars, songs that will enhance peoples experiences in life and remind them of the beauty in the world.

source: Read more about Sunghosts, click link

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