Kicks! Catchy, melodic metal with great vocals & lots of hooks!

From coast to coast, the norwegian hard rock band POLE POSITION Official managed to collect most fans in sunny California USA from frigid north.

The recent month the band have been played on several radio stations in the United States, Canada and France. Extensive promotion in absolute all leisure have led the band into first place #1 on ReverbNation Metal chart of Norway. To the band’s big surprise, Beau Hill personally contacted the band for collaboration. Beau Hill is the man behind releases from: Alice Cooper, Winger, Kix, Warrant, Fiona, Europe and Ratt, together they will make POLE POSITION ready for the US market. While norwegians hardly noticed the band, They have still managed to build a fanbase with 16,000 followers online, the Majority in US, UK and Canada.

First EP Part I was released october 2014, second EP Part II will be released in March 2015 as well as a lyrics musicvideo with one of the tracks from Part II.

 Music can be found on the web.  Now also published in Japan.



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Melodic hard rock / metal band fronted by a female vocalist from Aalesund, Norway.

POLE POSITION was started by Kurt in 2012, with the intention of putting together a band that would be entertaining to watch and listen to. After some line-up changes the current edition of the band has been performing since 2013.

Initially POLE POSITION was a pure cover band playing both well-known and some lesser-known classics of the genre but since doing numerous live shows they started working on their own songs in early 2014.
Keywords were: Catchy, heavy while also being melodic.

In October 2014 the first of POLE POSITION’s three planned EP’s was released.

“Sounds like Wolfmother has taken anabolic steroids and mated with Velvet Revolver, and the name of the child is POLE POSITION”

  • Cecilie Helle ~ vocals
  • Kurt Eilif Hætta ~ guitar, vocals
  • Sindre Flo Myskja ~ guitar, vocals
  • Torger Lødemel ~ drums, vocals
  • John Olav Gamlem ~ bass,vocals


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