Performance mayhem, the will of letting go..

I’m starting to feel like a journalist, thinks constantly on themes, issues, blog, promo, text .. Somewhere in all this, I shall also be creative and write headers, must honestly admit that I have become dependent on the Internet. I share my thoughts, just like screaming into oblivion.

We are a little behind schedule on the release of Part Two, but we are just around the corner. Mix the last song is ready for mastering, it’s ballad Our first, very special. For I am always very self-critical, my biggest enemy. The song is certainly different and my voice emerges in another way.

That’s the thing when you start playing music, I can so much more than what appears on the recording, but I am an amateur under development, there’s hope. A professional production is expensive, but it must if one is to compete with the rest.

I have no vision of becoming rich or big, it is the feeling of interaction, when it gets full creative initiatives, life is worth living.

I think the constant text and melody, sometimes it seems like I live my life through a song, quite busy for those around me. I live maybe inside my own little bubble, not so easy to get contact.

I try to work with the next PP song for the third EP, housework builds up. But today is Sundays are Pole days. Thinking about a Tokyo theme or would that just be stupid?

I am popular among Arabs, after a promo campaign worldwide, poured several thousand to my twitter account, I support love and equality.

To cut my hair short was a response to society’s view of the ideal woman and expectations of our appearance. I hate to be judged by appearance. Hate to be judged.

I write mostly text based on a feeling that arises when I hear the rest of the music, emotions are the private and I actually think it’s very intimate. I always knew that I had to sing! Proceed ->>

Love loco Cecilie

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