This is the story of the girl that fucked up any kind of situation

You got something to say, but you don’t look my way when it comes to the point of return, If you look trough my eyes, I wear no disguise, this feeling will never return, never return.

The headline is a lyrics line from a track by the Holy Coves UK and the lyrics are my own from Pole Position Part I, just a trick to get you here. I feel like a promo student, sleepless nights writing assignments.

In the beginning my creative mind and colorful imagination was a burden to me, I often felt misplaced and too intense, I felt too much, I reacted to strong and it made me exhausted beeing around other people, I admit I’ve been lonely, but now I love the time I get to spend time on my own accepting my creative mind and using my head to write new music. Almost all of the time I hear music in my head, sometimes I write a song when I’m listening to another song without any connection because it inspires me, strange. When the volume is turned down the music keeps playing in my head, sometimes when I dig a song I feel the need to replay again and again and again and again. Know the feeling?

A great deal of my life I just pretended I didn’t need to express myself
through music and writing songs, the voice was always calling, but I just couldn’t believe this was my gift and a burden I had to hide. It’s the way the music makes me feel that draws me.    

My main goal with music is to inspire, get inspired and play more!

I like taking photos too! Here are some of them.


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