Upcoming release? Your success depends on your promo plan!

We initially went backwards, by publishing debut EP without promo. But promotion of first EP for 3-4 months afterwards has led us into second place on the ReverbNation chart of Norway, all genres. No.. 1 within metal chart. I like it 🙂

Three years of building fanbase on Facebook gave us barely 1400 likes, 3 months building fanbase on Twitter has given us 12,000 followers on 3 accounts. Why I got 3 accounts? Well cookie musicians always wanna buy accounts with followers, I use one to promoter, I got one personal and I got one for the band, I find myself alone promoting my band with other promoters payed by other bands, now job offers are coming in, people wanna hire me as their promoter.

The last month we have been played on radio stations in the USA, Canda and the UK. We have also begun working with one of the world’s most respected producers in the world. New request from a producer from LA California today!

Press release will be sent to online newspapers, Norwegian and foreign. The last time we got, two full page interviews, two video share on web with link to our video. Local newspaper in Ålesund are most interested in church singing and accordion music, Sumpen barely bothered to mention the us after countless inquiries. Once we got a whole page in another smaller local newspaper Nytt i Uka, they printed the our press release very shortened, without a link to the video and with the wrong dates for upcoming concerts. Cheers!

By building network of musicians, music bloggers, music lovers and more will make a differense, because now we can reach more of the right people when the release is due.

I really look forward to the next release, this time I got a promoplan and I’ve been tracking the web for 4 months to learn more about music promo.

I will make a EPK, electronic press kit

Remeber to add track and band info in your mp3. tracks info field, it counts when the radio starts playing you.

I’ve hired a promo company in Japan as well in USA, low budget around 300 $ another 300 $ for musicvideo, but it works.

We have a new musicvideo in motion.

The biggest carrot: Three new stronger tracks!

Link to Album Part One Soundcloud:
Link to track “Falling” Soundcloud:
Link to musicvideo “Falling” YOUTUBE:

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