Second punch from Pole Position Official reached 10 000 fans|ポールポジション公式から第2のパンチ

Hey all! I’ve decided to go on publishing on both english and google Japanese, this may sound cynical, but hey, let’s wake up. The largest music marked in the world is Asia and USA.


I’ve already reached my first promo goal, 10 000 followers or more. My third goal is 50 000 followers before releasing Part III. Working everyday for 3 months has gotten me far already, learning as I go, reading blogs, having my own blog. I suck information out of the web, cause let’s face it: I’ve become a web junkie.

私はすでに私の最初のプロモーションの目標、10000信者以上に達した。私の第三の目的は、第III部を解放する前に50000信者である。 3ヶ月間の毎日のは、私が行くように自分のブログを持つ、ブログを読んで、学習、遠くすでに私をたどっている作業。私は、Webから情報を吸う、それに直面しましょう。原因:私は、Web中毒になってきた。

I know what I want and I know I’m gonna get it! That’s my fuel.


Stop sitting on the fence waiting for something to happen, the only one that can make it happen is YOU!




We use a Indie promo company, they found us after listening to our music. That led to one of the greatest producer listened to our music, now he wants to produce our music, feels great.


Next up -> Promo in Japan!

次は – >日本でのプロモーション


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