Problem? Multiple bands name on Spotify

No, it’s not a problem. I heard about the problem before we published the music on Spotify, naturally enough because there are several bands called Pole Position. Must admit I was a bit worried for a while, for the simple reason that one collects followers and discography are wrong if you do not tell your Spotify yourself.

I searched online about the issue and had to search a while, I found most ancient blogs where it was explained that it was not possible to do anything.

First point is that everything must match from the start when the music is published, metadata Determine everything. So be thoroughly with metadata registration.

In Pole’s case was Metadata correct, but everything goes well through data entry and added the database without further check. But the artist named PolePosition had bla.a typos, name was spelled without spaces. So carelessness during metadata reg. For Spotify does not change if the metadata is wrong! So get data right away.

Before we published our music there were two others with the same name. Both bands shared artist, that was the only one pcs Pole know before. It is stupid because then people can not follow and it seems confusing with all the songs together. To share your own music shows another artist in the link.

Only Spotify have this problem, Itunes and Wimp there was no problem with even the same artists are there.

What you must do is:

1. Create a user on Spotify so you need to post music, creating just a regular user. Spotify change this to artist when submitting your application you must submit. Application form is the link to the one below.

2. Fill out the application explaining the problem, feel free photos of the problem as you see it on the screen.

3. You MUST have a Twitter account associated spotify account, otherwise they do not accept.

4. Submit your application and wait for change, I got no answer. Tagged bar eventually that they had changed the error as I had explained and created a new ARTIST Pole Position with proper album associated.

Much headaches and worry, they spent four weeks on changing.

I have enough to submit a new application for the “Swedish Pole Position” has released more music and this has ended up under our artist profile, quite irriternende! Arg … Also for them ..






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