Pole Position’s Part Two is comming for you! Release during February.

Just a little update from me, there’s so much going on around me
and the music of the time, happiness grows from within.

The vocals are as said pre recorded a few weeks ago, bass was completed first. Last I checked Sindre and Erlend been doing editing vocals on track two. Second EP will contain three songs like, number one. I feel the new songs are stronger than the first three, pretty sure many know the feeling.

Pole Positions first ballad, this I think can be a smart idea. Since we are in the Metal / Hard Rock genre, a ballad is a bit quieter and hasn’t as metallic expression, it could really open doors in the radio world.

My band is like a bunch of women, arguing, we disagree, we are insulted each other, but the big difference is that together we manage to the solve tangles.

February has already begun, great gig in the capital this Saturday, heating for heavy yoiks band Intriuge, which by the way has a reputation pulling full houses at their concerts.

Oslo here I come!

Next after Oslo, I have put together a promo plan for Part Two, now I know what needs to be done.

Here are some pics from the recording of vocals for Part Two, it took about 3 evenings after work to finish, about 10 hours in total.

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