If you wanna take it slow, Facebook is your go! ~ If you wanna surf the flow, Twitter is your show!

First of all, create music of good quality, music you actually thought about buying yourself, introspection.
I’ve worked hard every day since 24.10.14 and I just wanna say, it works! Believe in what you do!
3-4 years collecting likes on facebook has given us about 1500 fans, working everyday on Twitter for about 3 months has given us about 9000 fans. That’s why I say: Wanna take it slow, facebook is your go, Wanna surf the flow? Twitter is your show!”
To sell your own music is like starting your own business; the two first years is called as known: “bloodbath” just because you work around the clock, almost without payment.
Beeing everywhere in any sosial media, is the key! Sosial sync. is just wonderful! Just wanna say, we have not bought any followers, working every single day collecting fans is what you wanna do. Just be yourself! Here are some tips that worked for us:

  1. Read music blogs, find online bands that have accomplished success, find out what they did, copy their followers, check out their page. On one side you need to gain followers and the other side, you want the right people. There are thousand of other bands trying to make their way, join them, make friends with them. I started out reading musicblogs, now people mention me in musicblogs.
  2. Use a successful photographer to make you look unearthly, because you wanna look professional basically at first glance. Sync and involve yourself in the media, try to keep the same look overall.
  3. Record your music with quality, nobody wants to hear bad live recordings, when you listen to Indie Music everyday, you’ll be suprised about all the bad quality music on the web. Once you have released music, keep swimming, keep releasing, Because The music industry will notice you if you got the right spirit and ambitions.
  4. Use money on promo, Too many bands sitting on the fence, waiting to be discovered. I got news for you, that’s not gonna happen. I started out contacting one and one person asking themselve polite two listen to my music, let’s say 100 out of thousand acually list, this is what you got to do. One promo company contacted us because of quality music, this again leed to radioplays in the US, really helpt us getting in touch with the right people.
  5. Believe in yourself! Cause your energy will exude what you wanna do and how far you’re gonna get! Me myself, just started!

One of the biggest producers in the world contacted us personally and want to start cooperation, I am floating on a cloud right now.

Pole Position Located at 1st place locally and nationally in the genre of metal, as No. 74 in the world, on Reverbnation.

Double gig weekend coming up, enjoy your weekend.

Love from Pole Position Official.

Sosial media we Use:

Reverbnation, Noisehead, Nrk Urørt, Hotstar Music, Metal-Rock Network, Mindcoup Radio, My Space, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Scoope, Flickr, Tumbl, Worldpress, Google +, Bingbing, Snapchat … adding new every week next we’re looking into Bandcamp

Killer app. for Twitter following – > Commun.it + Buffer + Unfollowers

Aalesund, Passion 4 Photo By Fredrik
Aalesund, Passion 4 Photo By Fredrik

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