Actual Fan Report – First punch by POLE POSITION NO

One year ended and one brand new available. My first goal is within reach. My goal is to collect 10,000 pcs. fans before the next release of Part II. Pr. Today I have collected 6273, with increasing influx. Most fans: California. About 5000 pcs. since our realease 24.10.14

Best use of social media is according to my experience so far.

  1. Reverbnation – No. 1 Local and National – Global rank Metal No. 147
  2. Twitter – Best sosial media, just Throw out your music to everyone you come across on Twitter, one of a hundred listens to you, one of hundreds provides feedback, do not give up
  3. Instagram
  4. Scope – pictures trending here, got 1 000 000 views on this channel
  5. World Press – Make our own music blog where you can share your experiences and how you experience being in a band and so furth.

Of all music sites I like Reverbnation best, nice User Interface, social sync, easy to share, most have an account there. I am using side to find musicians on Twitter and follow up there and on Instagram. Twitter I use two things, therefore keep musicians and follow trains too gain more people.

Yes, I know you have to be cool musician that do not share something private, you should not sell your soul so on. But the reality is that either you must do this yourself otherwise you have to pay someone else to do it. It is not enough to make good music, you should look good, people need to know about you. Someone needs to tell if your music is good. I will probably spend some money on promo eventually.

“Step by step, oh baby! Gonna get too you girl!”

The point is to be visible, be active, give of yourself, create your own world, eventually people notice you, as I see it, one must have at least a couple of EP, better with a couple album so produce. You need some luggage in your trunk. Be active on live concerts, hold up the pace.

I’m glad I found myself before I threw myself to music wolves, the fact is that I’m just me, nobody can take it away from me. I have a message to share with the world and nobody can stop me.

Tips. scheduled Tweets, music blog, unfollow apps.
Contact music interested people to find if they can listen to your music.

Will get back to you when I have reached my first goal of 10 000 pcs.

chart (2)


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