The Swedish “Pole Position” (Album 1993) (Heartline) SEPTEMBER LADY

Our nemesis, just kidding, our friends in from neighboring Sweden, rock band also called “Pole Position” Released album in 1993. Just released a techno remix of their former song, September Lady,see link below. Spotify reg. this on our artist profile, just got to say, SPOTIFY is the only one who can’t separate bands with the same name, shame on you!

Link SPOTIFY: The Swedish “Pole Position”

Link: FACEBOOK: The Swedish “Pole Position”

Link: Read about guitarist LARS BOQUIST

Link: Original song Heartline – September Lady

Link: Tecno remix – Pole Position – September Lady

Pole Position was from the beginning the continuation of Dizziness but with Jonas Blum replacing Tomas Naeslund on vocals in late 1987. The other Dizziness guitarist Stefan Wallman had already quit and was replaced by keyboard player Per Arne Franzén. Shorlty after Jonas entered the band Per quit due to other comittments and was replaced by Joachim Jocke Åberg on keyboard. Jocke would later on take over the bass when Lars Lare Hultman would quit. The music changed a bit to more keyboard oriented than it was before. Band name was also changed from Dizziness to Heartline. They might even have had the name September for a short period like 15 minutes or so….
Demos were made, to begin with some of the old and new Dizziness songs.

Around 1990 band name was changed again to Pole Position. They was now more guitar oriented again with less or no keyboard at all. PP would contribute to a compilation, with the theme Against racism. At this time Daniel Dante Gese har started to work in a recordning studio, the same studio that would release the compilation. PP recorded the song Call. Since the result was so good PP decided to record a whole album since there had been no response on the demos.
PP decided to release a single, Call, that was sent to almost all universe. English BBC dj Tommy Vance gets to hear the single. He plays it in his show BBC show Friday Night Rock show. English record company Phonogram calls the band and shows interest. And to make it short, Nirvana and grunge happen and ruin everything and the rest is history…..

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