Rough around the edges ~ Message of love

I am what I am, thank God!

Some people just don’t understand!
Find yourself first,
And then your tool.
Find yourself first,
Don’t you be no fool.

Jimi Hendrix – Message of love

I know it’s true, especially women get a bad impression of me, I do not know how or why, but  it has been like this my whole life. I’ve actually never got a foothold in a girls gang, after many years of just many boy friends, I came to realize that I have been environmentally damaged, I’m not kidding, this is a fact.

What shall I say? I’ve been kicked around, criticized and disliked the all my life of radom girls, I came to a point where I just started to hate them back and stop trying to fit in. I found my place in a man’s world, rough around the edges. Honestly, nowadays I don’t care anymore, but sure I admit, this has formed my as a person.

The reason I started with music is the feeling of being misunderstood as a person. Music is my ultimate communication channel, emotions get the full expiration.

I feel sexless, why should gender be so dam important all the time? I’m not insecure about myself. That time is over, but it never fails, people think I’m a lesbian because I am masculine, take it as a complement. I fight for gays and lesbians and their right to just be left alone. My best friend is gay, we found outcasts tone together.

I don’t do hate anymore, only love. To all those who think I seem cold and introvert, sorry to say I am, but if you dare to make contact, you’ll see, I’m the nicest person I’ll ever be, I don’t like big crowds, unless those standing in front of came to see me sing. Unfortunately I have met a variety of miscellaneous monsters through life, therefore don’t bother to contact those who don’t say hi first.

Love Cecilie

Be nice!

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