The world is turning ~ literally

Ever since I was little, people have told me how difficult it is to succeed in the music business, my family, some of my friends just laughed. I always knew and felt an inner force that needs to communicate a message, there are many who have said to me that I was not going to succeed, but I know I will succeed.

Every day I come across a new social communities on the Internet, in 30 days I have managed to get 2300 followers on Twitter, on Facebook in 1600, but this is far from enough, every day I use actually 1-3 hours to contact potential fans, simply contact one and a person to hear about the please listen to my music. It works, but it is very time consuming.

In between everything I should be creative and make great music, of course with top prima sound, this we have to pay, of course with your own money and it is not cheep!

Whatever we have lately been working on step ahead with constant songwriting and when first EP was released we had already the first song for the next EP ready.

In this writing moment I’m working on the last track to Part II, my job around tracks are finding vocal melody and essentially write the text of the song. This is not necessarily so easy for everyone have to vouch for the melody and text and we have different views on how it should sound.

We discuss, we misunderstand each other, feelings are trampled upon and others feel they are not being heard, in fact, a real drama going on, this is no game, this is deadly serious!

A Swedish House producer has also shown interest in using vocals my one of his songs, clearly I’m in!

Incidentally had a photo shoot in lingerie, we only live once and must actually be pleased with yourself to get any way.

Looking forward to start recording of vocals next week!



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